Maximize the potential of your garden by transforming it into a comfortable outdoor retreat for relaxation. 

Here are some straightforward tips to ensure your garden becomes a serene space for unwinding and enjoying the fresh air.

Built-In Seating

The trend of incorporating built-in seating into gardens is on the rise, offering a seamless blend with the overall garden design. 

A permanent fixture like a built-in bench not only enhances the aesthetic but is always ready for your moments of relaxation with a glass of wine or cup of tea.

If built-in seating is not feasible, opt for a sturdy weatherproof bench as a practical and permanent alternative.

Shade Retreat:

Consider those who prefer a break from direct sunlight. 

Plan your seating area to include a shaded spot provided by existing foliage or invest in quality sun umbrellas or canopies. 

Ensure your outdoor space is comfortable and accommodating to all preferences.

Leafy Oasis:

Research suggests that spending time outdoors in a natural setting can boost mental health. 

Create an idyllic retreat with a lush, leafy border featuring tall evergreen plants like bamboo for a green-screen effect. 

Potting plants in containers enhances the jungle-like ambiance.

Five-Star Comfort:

Embrace the concept of the "outdoor room" by selecting cushioned seating that offers a level of comfort akin to indoor sofas. 

Achieve practicality without compromising on comfort for a truly luxurious outdoor experience.

Privacy Planning:

Maintain your peace by ensuring privacy in your outdoor space. Horizontal wooden strutted fences offer an elegant and modern solution, creating a private seating area without obstructing the rest of the garden.

Cushion Comfort:

Enhance relaxation with the simple addition of cushions. Opt for bright and cheerful outdoor cushions that are designed to withstand the elements. Keep them easily accessible for instant comfort and a touch of joy.

Hammock Retreat:

Consider the timeless charm of a hammock if you have sturdy trees or posts. The suspended, back-to-basics hammock provides a serene, tropical island vibe—perfect for enjoying sunny days. Opt for a hammock large enough for shared relaxation.

Artificial Grass Appeal:

Experience the comfort of artificial turf, which has seen a resurgence in popularity. Replace slabs with fake grass on a small paved terrace to instantly create a sunbathing haven. 

The soft, attractive surface requires minimal maintenance, offering a hassle-free outdoor experience.

Lounging Comfort:

Invest in quality loungers for the ultimate chill-out experience. Wooden recliners provide a timeless and durable option that can withstand outdoor conditions. Try out different models before purchasing to ensure comfort.

Dining Delight:

Elevate your outdoor experience with a dedicated dining area. 

Invest in a quality set of outdoor chairs and a table for alfresco dining with friends or family. Research the durability of wood types and choose sustainable options with FSC certification for environmentally conscious choices. 

Consider building a wooden pergola for a permanent dining spot with added charm, featuring climbing plants and fairy lights for evening ambiance.

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