Decking Ideas


Decking is a simple way to make a garden more comfortable and stylish while adding the natural warmth of wood. It is a clever way to zone a larger garden and can add a softer feel to harder landscaping.

Create a the built-in bench using the same material as the deck making the  decked area feel streamlined and sleek.

Add a sun canopy to cover the terrace and install LED strip lights along the stairs and under the seats to create the ultimate outdoor entertaining area.

Combine decking with a paved area in a similar tone to create two distinct but complementary zones.
Your decked area doesn’t have to be the classic rectangular shape, you can make it curved for a softer feel.
By having a curved, decked seating area surrounded by a curved bed, the you can create the sense of a ‘garden within a garden’ – a retreat that’s ideal for intimate chats.

For an ultra modern feel why not use composite deck boards, composite decking is a blend of plastic and wood that won’t rot. It’s made from 95% recycled materials and is slip-resistant.  Composite decking comes in a variety of colours and styles so you can create a stylish, contemporary outdoor entertaining area.


How about combining your decking with water? Create a soothing, relaxing space with a tranquil pool with a stylish deck or incorporate two or more pools of different heights, particularly stunning when used in conjunction with a multi-level deck.

How about laying your decking on the diagonal? By positioning the boards at an angle you can create an interesting alternative to straight boards or for an even more interesting look you could create a chevron pattern.

Decking isn’t just for back gardens it can give a roof terrace a sense of comfort. Just bring out the floor cushions for a perfect place to lounge. Wood also feels lovely and warm in the sunshine.

There’s a huge choice of designs, colours and materials out there, as well as widths of planks. When picking decking, choose the best you can afford, and make sure you like the colour; also investigate if this might change over time.