Use These Tips To Keep Your Patio Looking Smart


A patio that looked grand in spring can feel a little jaded by midsummer as plants go past their prime and warmer weather takes hold. But no need to despair, it doesn’t take much to make the good looks last longer.

Freshening up your pots with extra planting or giving the furniture a lick of paint can make all the difference.


A coat of paint

A coat of paint on patio furniture can have a transformative effect. By using small hits of the sane colour you can coordinate different elements of your outdoor space and brighten things up.

A new coat of paint on an outside wall also helps to lift the feel.

If you prefer something smaller-scale, why not paint terracotta pots in complementary shades? Arrange them in groups around the patio.


Plant a climber

Where space is limited a climber can add vertical interest in spaces that are too small for trees. Why not train roses or wisteria over a pergola to create a living canopy over an eating area.

You can use any vertical feature to grow a climber up such as a fence post, trellis or shed. Don’t worry if there isn’t a flowerbed close by – use a large planter instead and just be sure to keep it well watered.

Choose climbers that suit your conditions and, if you like a scented garden, use plants like roses, honeysuckle and jasmine.

Keep on top of maintenance

Although keeping a patio clean and in good order may not be your favourite job in the garden, it is always well worth the effort.

Keep your patio swept and washed down regularly will not only keep it looking pristine, it will avoid the need for more expensive cleaning methods down the line as some types of stone, such as limestone, can stain easily if dirt is left too long.

Spruce up seating

Frequently brush down built-in or permanent outdoor seating and tidy up planters.

Re-cover outdoor cushions for a new look that doesn’t cost the earth. Try fabrics designed for the outdoors that can be washed or wiped down. Even one or two new covers will make a difference.


Refresh pots

Keep a close eye on patio pots and containers in the summer and make sure you keep on top of feeding and watering.

Always aim for interest throughout the year across a collection of containers, with a mix of evergreens and perennials underplanted with spring- or autumn-flowering bulbs.

Don’t forget scented plants to fill your patio with intense fragrance.

Remember, you can always add a few annuals every now and again to keep things interesting with a one-time hit of colour.


Add an awning

While this might be more of an expensive option, an awning is worth considering, as it can make a huge difference to a patio.

A well designed and positioned pull-out shade can extend a property’s indoor-outdoor space and provide year-round shelter from sun and rain.

Use it to cover a seating or dining area and you won’t need an umbrella, which can often block the view of the garden if it’s positioned centrally on a patio.


Treat yourself to new patio furniture

Splashing out on a few choice items of patio furniture can transform the feel of your patio.

Seek out furniture designs you love in colours that draw the eye. You don’t want something that blends into the background here, but chairs that stand out and show off.

Light up our life

Enjoy your outdoor space well into the evening by investing in outdoor lighting.

With a variety of different outdoor lighting styles to choose from such as festoon or individual lights, you can add a stunning visual as well as a practical lighting solution.

Also try uplighting sculptural plants to add interest at eye level.    

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