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When people start to plan their garden, they often concentrate on siting objects, such as a shed, trampoline or bbq. It is far better to stand back and assess the space as a whole before you start.

It is recommended that the whole garden be split up into different areas depending on the family’s needs and then about how the space will work in an interconnected way.

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Use These Tips To Keep Your Patio Looking Smart All Summer Long.

A patio that looked grand in spring can feel a little jaded by midsummer as plants go past their prime and warmer weather takes hold. But no need to despair, it doesn’t take much to make the good looks last longer.
Freshening up your pots with extra planting or giving the furniture a lick of paint can make all the difference.

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If you are considering a new patio then the beauty and durability of natural stone is a great choice as it is an extremely versatile material being at home in both in a traditional or contemporary setting. 

Natural stone in all its forms is a great material to use in your own outdoor space.

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Decking is a simple way to make a garden more comfortable and stylish while adding the natural warmth of wood. It is a clever way to zone a larger garden and can add a softer feel to harder landscaping.

Create a the built-in bench using the same material as the deck making the decked area feel streamlined and sleek.

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Compared to a major kitchen or bathroom refurbishment, creating a new garden can be more involved and complex and that’s reflected in the cost. 

Like an architect for your interior a garden designer’s role is similar in fashion dealing with everything from site surveys, materials specifications and the production drawings to appointing contractors to carry out the work.

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