Single Level, Accessible Garden

An Accessible Garden Constructed On One Level 
Stamford, Lincolnshire

Sandstone, Turf, Sleepers.

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Joan had recently moved into her bungalow and after getting the inside sorted, she decided to get the garden landscaped. 

The garden was a mixture of different levels and as a pensioner Joan felt that it wasn’t safe for her to use in its current layout so needed a design which was accessible and safe to navigate.

Her fears were born out when unfortunately, while in the process of getting quotes for the work, she fell and broke both her arms!

When work started, Ian was determined to make the garden as safe as possible so there could be no more accidents and so went on to ensure the whole garden was constructed on one level.

There were several challenges to overcome during the course of the project, but the end result was worth it.

Joan says, 

"So happy with my garden, it turned out to be exactly as l envisaged with extra suggestions from you which made it perfect.

The materials you advised me on where spot on, and true to your word, you haven’t charged me for any extras.

It was a pleasure to have you and your team working for me, l would recommend your firm to anyone.

Thanks again for providing me with such a skilled team."  

Joan W.  Stamford

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