Pergolas, Archways & Gazebos

If you want to add height and structure to your garden then you can achieve this with pergolas, archways, arbours or gazebos.

More substantial than an arbour but less confining than a gazebo, a pergola may be as simple as an overhead structure attached to the back of your house to cover a deck. Or it might be a grand, free standing structure that's the main focal point of a yard. 

Pergolas are especially effective over paved areas, such as paths, courtyards and patios.

Free Standing Pergola

An archway in a garden can be of formal or rustic construction but either way it can be a beautiful structure consisting of a framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants. Archways or arbors, decorated with flowering plants, can create striking centre pieces in the overall design of a garden.

Although archways are usually built out of wood, metal and even stone arches are used to great effect with the latter adding that strong and durable effect. Brick and stone garden arches look beautiful for years, bringing that wonderful and unique vintage style charm into garden design and landscaping.

Rustic Archway & Trellis Work

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A Striking Timber Gazebo