Having a deck installed is a popular landscaping improvement to the home that not only adds to the value of your home, but provides a focal point for your outdoor enjoyment. Before installing any decking feature you will need to carefully consider the design elements that go into your project which should include the features that match your overall landscaping design and complement the design of your house. Proper planning is the most important part of building a deck as you will be living with your design for a long time

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Main Use Decking.

One of the most important considerations when designing your decking is how you will use it. Will it be primarily used for entertaining on a regular basis and if so, how large a group will you need space for? Consideration has to be given to the kind of seating you need whether it be built-in or patio furniture? Are you likely to be entertaining at night? if so consideration needs to be given to an adequate lighting design.

Location & Size

With most modern homes and gardens it is likely you will limited to where you can site you decking feature, but with a little imagination you may have more choices than you think. As long as it fits into your overall landscaping design you may be able build a walkway, or incorporate a screen of some sort that will allow you to site your deck so it is most convenient for your intended uses. You can build any size of decking you want within legal limits. But even within those limits, decking can be either too big or too small. The most important consideration (aside from cost) is use, but a huge deck can look out of place next to a small house, just as a tiny deck looks wrong with a big house. If you think your ideal decking design is too large for your house, break up the expanse by building smaller sections on multiple levels and so creating a much more interesting landscaping feature..

The climate and the aspect of your garden along with the views you have are the major factors to consider when deciding where to situate your decking. A north facing site will probably be the coolest location. South or west facing sites may be too warm in the middle of the summer, unless you include an overhead screen, or build the decking around an existing shade tree.

Consideration has to be given to prevailing winds when locating your decking as you don’t want it to be too exposed, likewise, careful placement can minimize traffic noise, eliminate unwanted views, or provide additional privacy. If you plan to include a hot tub or swimming pool in your plans, obviously consideration has to be given to privacy for you and your guests.